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Exhibitors update Club Noa Susami

Post date:2018.02.15 / Last update:2018.04.06

Exhibitors update Club Noa Susami
◾Club Noa Susami  Pref Wakayama

Club Noa Susami is the only diving service in Susami, Wakayama.  Underwater in Susami is very clear for all season by gift of Kuroshio.  Underwater tunnel, wide sandy soil and other unique terrain are one of charm points.  You can see various kinds of creatures in Susami.  For example, beginning of season we may have a chance to see migratory fish or hummer head shark.  In winter time, we may have a chance to see sea turtle, monk fish, sea slug.

Also, we have the Guinness approved postal post located in the deepest area and over 1000 mail is posted out from here to the world.